Treat Elbow and Wrist Pain with Elbow and Wrist Therapy

Wrist Pain

Have you recently suffered an injury to your wrist or elbow?

Are you experiencing numbness, a burning sensation, or tingling in your arm that you don’t want to “shake off” anymore? At Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, we work with you and your doctor to make sure you participate in a treatment program that meets your unique needs. We use a variety of techniques to decrease inflammation, improve healing, and strengthen your wrist or elbow to prevent further injury.

Some causes for elbow and wrist pain may include:


Carpal Tunnel

Symptoms include numbness and pain in the wrist and hand resulting from pressure around the median nerve, generated from excessive hand and wrist movements.

Nerve Damage

This can be caused by long term pressure on the elbow or wrist, injuries near elbow or wrist, or direct injuries to the elbow or wrist.


Pre/Post Surgery Rehab

Pre-surgery techniques include simple remedies, including rest. Post-surgery rehab provides manual therapy treatments and stretches that increase range of motion and regain strength in the affected area.



A hyperextension of the wrist causes the ligaments to stretch too far, resulting in small tears – or worse – a complete break in the ligament.



This is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, most often caused by repetitive, minor impact on the affected area, or from a sudden more serious injury.



These occur when the bone of the wrist (most commonly the distal radius) is broken. Some breaks require surgery to replace the mangled bone; others do not, if the break is clean. In almost all cases a cast is required to limit movement and allow the bone to grow.

Whether you’re experiencing weakening, numbness, swelling, or limited motion in your elbow and wrist, our physical therapist can help you build back the strength and feeling in your elbow and wrist. Hands on, manual techniques combined with stretching exercises and temperature therapies will help to alleviate your elbow and wrist pain, lessening pressure on nerves, improving blood flow, and improving strength and range of motion in your joints.

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